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Hello, I’m Sophie. Married mum of 2 boys with a passion for painting, designing, and making. The dream, from my early 20’s, has been to do what I love as a business. I knew I loved to make things and be creative but I just couldn’t pinpoint what it was that I wanted to base a business on. I’ve spent the last 15 years working in corporate companies in the legal and finance sector (some would say extremely boring and I would agree) always knowing I wasn’t supposed to be in this line of work.

4 years ago I had my first beautiful boy Zachy and that’s when my passion for children’s furniture and nursery items really grew. Maternity leave gave me that time to focus on being a new mum and using my creativity again. I made him a toy chest for his 1st birthday, unfortunately for him, he got a plain one with his name on it, nothing fancy but that gave me the idea for children’s toy chest designs and how I was always looking for something unique for our own nursery which I never really found.

It didn’t take much thinking, once I bought a plain wooden toy box I started painting, mixing colours, buying feathers and that’s when the Sleepy Swan design was born. I couldn’t have wished for a better response when I advertised it on social media, it was the best feeling to know that there were people liking my design.

I had too many orders to cope with after being back at work looking after a 2 year old and then being pregnant again so I took a break.

Our beautiful little Oscar came along and so did Covid shortly after. With the stresses and boredom of lockdown I knew I needed to produce my design ideas for toy chests, rocking horses and book carts. If Covid has taught me anything it’s that we have to take risks. 2020 was a wasted year for most, a year of just hoping things would be “normal” again but the boredom of being at home made me see that I had to do the one thing I love so much, keep my mind active from the negativity surrounding us. So I took the plunge, quit the 9-5 office job to achieve the goals I had when I was 21.

Just 1 order is a dream come true.

I hope you love my items as much as I do. Keep a look out for more designs and new products launching soon.

Sophie x